That's What We Do
Provide a service so customers can make a Reservation Online from a restaurant's website. Live Reservations 24/7 !

The Next Logical Step
You already know the power of the Internet. You probably also know that it is doubling in size annually. Now restaurants can connect customers to their own online reservation system.

Quick and Easy
Customers click the Reservation option on the restaurant's website. The date and time is selected, reserved,
and an instant confirmation number is issued. If an email address is provided by the customer, a copy of the reservation information is automatically sent.

Accurate Reports
You can view a report for any day at any time. No need for dedicated reservation staff. Eliminate double booking, over booking, incomplete or lost information, and inaccurate reservations.

Management and Control
Our simple to use management system allows you to set numerous administrative options unique to your restaurant. Available seating options, reservation hours acceptance range, meal period selection and much more.

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